Tribute To Special Ones: The Way We Are & They Are

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There are many variations, many differences, many similarities and many moods in all of us. We spend our whole life to find similarities and differences and these efforts are seconded by our desire to change that does not confirms to our personal standards. But are we able to bring changes in people the way we desire or do those efforts just drain out nowhere?

If we try to perceive our most recent interactions, we can figure out that we all do appreciate being near someone who understands us and encourages us to be what we are and at times suggests changing some behavioral patterns that we follow adamantly neglecting their socio-cultural bearings. We do like being complimented from all most everyone. Even if an unknown passer-by compliments for our external qualities, suppose our clothes, we instantly smile. The critical analysis as to “did he mean it?” types of question roll out later.
A friend is someone who gives you freedom to live your life and inspires you to be what you want!
Of all the compliments that we receive, what we yearn is to get a compliment from the one who is very close to us. Only that are close to us can provide us a perception that we lack. They know what we like and what we don’t like. They are witnesses, participants, actors and sometimes directors of our actions, moods and behavior. They do have sufficient personal data for providing us with well-grounded analysis and this ensures that the feedback is accountable and not baseless.
Someone who is not close cannot provide a strong feedback. Most of these people who come in our life from the Blue, vanish in the blue. Some of best from the blues, do succeed in leaving a prominent stamp in our semiotics. Though they too resort to flattery in the initial stage, the expressions are gesture of care and love in the most human sense of the word. Reasonable level of flattery are good means of initiating social communications, and reasonable level of negative criticism inspire us to move ahead. Their presence around seems to be like having the most benevolent ghost shadow around you.
These inspirational persons in our life are always true to themselves and more to us. They are hard to come by but when they do come in our life, we do feel the angel glow around us. And they are the one who can change the way we are.
Thanks Mate!

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2 thoughts on “Tribute To Special Ones: The Way We Are & They Are

  1. Of course,sometimes even a stranger become so close to us that we expect them to be all around us.Their one expression about ourselves are cherished each and every moment and we do smile contemplating their reaction,their way of showing approval,their gesture of care and latent obeisance towards us and that is the core essence which rejuvenates us .Anyways i simply loved this extract.hope to receive your other creations too

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