it ain’t all material

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Its great to be compensated for every ounce of the efforts made and the payment in kind is more worthy than that made in cash. It is a common perception that we work for material things and that human life ends in chasing material happiness. True yet a twisted comprehension.

Lets start with an obvious instance- employment. Most of us in this advanced capitalism work hard all the day. Focused like a saddled horse and heading wherever the boss says to head. Why? The obvious answer is – money.
True. But, only if analyzed at the surface level.
At a deeper level, most of us do a job that we think we are good at. We love doing it. We always attach ourselves to our working space just like we attach ourselves to our home. We attach our selves to our colleagues the way we attach ourselves to our friends.
Consequently we anticipate appreciation from those around us, for performing tasks that we are paid for. If we all are working for material things, then why do we anticipate reward in ‘kind’ from our co-workers and bosses?
Now, lets talk about a more subtle issue- friendship. Friendship is unquestionably the most important aspect of our personality. Human by nature like to share their failures and success, happiness and sorrows, and everything they cant feel or can’t conceive. 
Sharing and caring is the objective and yes, most of the times, friends are the people who pull us on board while we are missing the trip to success- professional or non professional. Though it might sound like ‘friends in benefits’, the stress on the word ‘friends’, loudly rules out explicit material gains  connoted by “benefits”.
Love is one of the mostly debated issues in terms of materiality and spirituality – the classic Platonic and Car pe Diem debate. Most people densely limit love with sex. But that’s not all to it.
The materiality (sex) in love is a means to express feelings, to appreciate, to care, to share intimate details, to tell and demonstrate all details of your feelings for your partner that you would have otherwise taken to your grave.
Such an act cannot be material. For, if humans were running after sexual aspect of love, than there would have been no Shakespeare, no poems and of course no blogs.
It’s made by people after they loose common sense to the tingly little feeling.  A product manufactured by perfectly senseless people is not sellable in the sensible world. And therefore cannot be material.

Professional or non professional relationships are not only about fulfilling mutual material needs, they have deeper and profound feelings within and these are the driving force. 

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