Let It Flow Into Yonder

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Yes, let it flow. You have all those feelings, let them out. Don’t try to rationalize or socialize them. Almost all our feelings, yearnings, and desires are devoured when we try to look beyond the horizon. Be glad and cherish the scene – the blue ocean kissing the blue sky. Happiness is but a choice and so is sorrow.

Don’t try to remember that the sky is just air and that it cannot touch or feel. Don’t try to get out of the illusion, because you get out of an illusion only to find out to be in another and then yet another. Life and its realities are all but an endless chain of illusion and they keep on coming. But, we do have the choice to let our emotions to lead us and head on the way to live our life our way. 
Everything beautiful is also ugly, everything strong is weak, and everything strong is perishable. Beauty is but an imagination mixed up with feelings of the observer. There is no such thing as eternal beauty, whatever we humans have is personal beauty that is mixed up with our desires and cravings. It’s an embodiment of what we would like to have. Be it a poem, be it lover or be it music. Whatever is beautiful for me, is beautiful for me. Whatever is beautiful for you is beautiful for you. If I bother my imagination with yours or his or hers personal beauty standards, I will no more cherish my desires. 

The eagerness to seek others opinion on your personal cravings and desires, is a journey beyond the horizon and the horizon never shows up. No humans have ever reached the horizon. They have just passed away into yonder and that yonder was not the horizon that they had set out in quest for.
Someone, the day earlier pondered stating that there must be TRUTH. All caps wala truth just like the Ishq Wala LOVE. Just like us, everything around us have an expiry label attached. We are but just products of a love or a sex episode that had happened between two people who did it out of their lust to consume each other which otherwise would have faded out. 

Put everything at stake. Be a gambler! Risk everything, because the next moment is not certain, so why bother? Why be concerned? Live dangerously, live joyously. Live without fear, live without guilt. Live without any fear of hell, or any greed for heaven. 

Just live.


We came into this world out of that blue valentine feeling that must have lasted for some minutes. That transient and short intercourse which never repeated itself, gave birth to us. If they had thought that their feelings are not permanent, if they had tried to analyze their desires instead of consuming, as they did, what would have happened?They would not have had those feelings the other moment and we would have never made it here. Aren’t you glad they did not think beyond the horizon? 

We- me, you, and they- are products of the blue valentine and therefore there is nothing for us to be skeptic of. We came out of ecstasy and we should be true to it. There is nothing for us to be thoughtful of. Rivers are flowing into ocean, new trees are coming up every minute, clouds are steering in the sky some are black and some are white, and some of them rain also as they have been. You are here. I am here. They are here. Let it flow, into yonder.

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