The Dawning

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Everything in this world has an ending. A dear friend once said, “every story does not have a fair tale ending”. It seems, that some have star plus ending too. Whatever, every ending does comes with a realization. And every realization that damages us, gives wisdom.

We all are in relationships and we attach varied importance to each of them. Some are cherished and some are social etiquettes and yet some are waste, just a waste. But how do we know which one is which?

There is always a dawning moment. All of a sudden we give up hoping that this is not the end and that something good is on the way beyond the horizon. And it is that moment, which yells at us- Let Go.

It is not easy to let go something you have been clinging to so dearly. We cannot change the actuality. Clinging is one way, hugging is two way. There is no point in clinging to something, when your feelings are not reciprocated. Its just becoming an appendage.

Some times the realization is even more acute, when it reveals that the truth is even stranger than any of those fucking fiction. It instantly snatches away the ground below your feet, breaks you down and forces the tears to roll out. But, everything happens for good.

Painful and drenched eyes are wise. Because they belong to the damaged people. They provide us realization that we are not perfect but we just are- – neither simple nor complicated. We realize that we don’t have to push hard to justify ourself or to compete for being what we are not. We stop degenerating ourself by putting an end to a relation that just stupefies us. 

We know that its time for us to STOP. 

We learn why there is the word – NO.

We know who are real, who are fake, who are complicated and who are simple. And we assimilate the fact that they are all part of our being but not our being. The dawning of the actualities enable us to move on and let the simple one’s find out extraordinary happiness.

Seclusion is but a bliss that enables one to reflect within self rather than seeking happiness that depends on other. We confront and overcome our fear of loosing them, by positing faith on our own self.  
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