The Paradise Of, By, & For the Suckers

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It all started from God. 

God created angel and than he created humans and then he created Eden – the place that He said was the Paradise. He loved all his angels, He loved humans and He loved Eden.  The humans He created were settled down in that Eden. All was going well. Everything was good and everyone – angels & humans- were happy. But then came the boredom. The Almighty caught up with the sporty spirit and one fine galactic sunny day he thought of playing the Good, and the Ugly. The purpose – some tension, some conflict, some breakdowns, and lots of entertainment for him. 
He created Evil. He planted each of these characteristics in his Angels and humans. And than created the underworld- Hell. The stage was set for troubling Eden, Adam and Eve. Lucifer was the fallen angel who had to corrupt Eve’s heart that would corrupt Adam and consequently the whole of humanity. He did his job with eloquence. His deceptive flattery and convincing rhetoric fooled Eve to loose the blessing by succumbing to the greed of consuming the forbidden Apple. The Chain-reaction had started. First Lucifer, than Even, than Adam and than the whole of humanity. 

And this is where we suckers started breeding. Lucifer was an angel and he knew perfectly that God was exploiting him. He could have resisted in giving into the ill intentions of his creator. If he had dared to revolt, or if he had taken the trouble of revolting against his masters, he would have saved the whole of humanity from misery. But how could He be generous when the Master is so evil. He avenged his downfall by degrading the Humans. 

First Eve and than Adam and whole of their posterity was corrupted with the apple. The disease was exploiting. Humans were reduced to a breed of suckers that fed on others emotions, confidence, and grace. 

We work for some one. We love some one. We have feelings for some one. We die for some one. We expect a lot from some one. But are we reciprocated the way we provide? Is our sincerest wish for a dignified place in life respected by those around us? Do we think for others the way we think for ourselves? There are many questions like these but answer for all them is NO. 

Our initiation into this world, into the life of our loved ones,  in our acquired relationship and in our working space, is always welcoming and comforting. Yet there are always Lucifers around who prey on you once you are into them. And even if you can feel being exploited, all you can do is accept all of it disgracefully. That moment when your realize that you were being exploited in cold blood gives you all the reasons to retaliate or go into seclusion. But again, there are many strings attached. They recover you but only to prepare you for further exploitation round the corner. 

Just like god did , we also feed on the emotions, love, creativity, happiness, sorrow, illusions and dreams of our fellow beings. We are happy when we suck others and they are the ones who love or depend on us the most. All of us have a purpose to fill and that purpose is that of the others. 

I know there are so many better words to substitute the word suck. But in its harshest meaning, I find it the most appropriate. Gods perfect paradise is now but a breeding ground of suckers. 

we consume animals 

and then one of us

consumes the other,

my love.

From C. Bukowski’s Love is a Dog from Hell

Its Damned! 

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