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i am going for a break. might be a permanent one if i don’t get something sane to write. i have lost my appetite for writing. I guess i am very much occupied with how my readers take my writings, my ideas and my feelings. as a writer i should not be concerned with what my readers think of me and my writing ( that’s what a friend told me). But I guess, i cant kick the readers out of my head and I feel naked whenever i think of them and of my feelings to write, more recently. i think i need time to read, learn, understand and feel people around before pressing the keyboard.I feel dry and barren of any emotions to write.

May be i should read more and study more before fooling myself into writing a blog. Maybe i should know humans before writing about them or sharing my thoughts with them. maybe i should know myself before trying to know others. maybe i should love myself before falling in love with others. may be i should learn to remain mute than sharing my feelings.

But before that here are some lines that i put down on a restaurant napkin while sipping in some vodka at a shopping mall some days earlier. Its a kinda kinky and vulgar, i guess. and  philosophical and human too. I hope this will remind you of me whenever you have to wait at a shopping mall in black and blues. 🙂

sitting on a semi rooftop, 
sipping some nasty liquids
I see their nasty asses, 
bulging out of their 
tight jeans. 
indifferent yet provoking, 
unknown yet known, 
unwanted yet wanted, 
i longue for you. 
Dusty and dark, 
Black and washed jeans. 
Strong and thus holding, 
weight of those adorable buns. 
oh, those innoncent 
Giggles and eye flashes, 
not truly meant for me 
Yet, they take away, 
some of me. And you. 
Such pissed off faces, 
Yet such glorious asses. 
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