Longing for the Star

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Have you ever gazed at the star?
Have you ever gazed with your eyes shut?

Well I have been doing that. 
My star is within me.
I see my star with my eyes closed and wide open. 
Deep inside me, in all her beautiful manifestation. 

But she too is as distant as your star is in the sky, 
Like you, I too dream of holding her
Because like your star, she is mine and not mine
Like you, I too dream of being with her, 
because she I know her and she doesn’t . 
Maybe she knows you.
Deep in the sky — shining gloriously 
and inspiring me. 
Deep in my mind– remaining silent, 
yet stirring my feelings. 
Playing with in me, 
Always in shrouded mist, 
Always flipping her hair, 
Playing always with broken heart. 
Wish there was a stair, 
Wish there was even a broken stair, 
That led deep inside me to her, 
I would, yes I would go for her. 
I wonder what she would say to me, 
Would she talk to me in words, 
Or would she talk to me with her sparkling eyes, 
Or would she just flip her blondes, 
Or would she just smile at me. 
I wonder if she knows her being my star, 
I wonder if she knows why i have caged her, 
I wonder if she will take me as her prisoner 
Or would she take me as her admirer?
Whatever, i would still risk getting near her. 
she is my star, 
An autograph would be a deserving achievement
for all the risk, it takes — to meet — the star. 
My star. Your star.
Starry Night’s Star.

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