Perplexed: Scraps and Craps

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“ Is love the only that lives with you for your whole life, or is that also love, that looses being for you and fades away?” I could not find an answer in it, though I thought it was an answer. 

I feel perplexed with this question as does this feeling.

i dont know about anything
i dont know about something
i dont know who are you to me
i dont know who am i to you


O baby wish you would be my side,
Wish we could stare at this whole world,
From the mountain top,
And remain quiet and silent
While our feelings could sync and sync.
O, baby, Wish we could be on that edge,
Where the wind would beat our bodies , 
And would be forced to change its course, 
Finding it impossible to find way in between us. 

And there while you would, gaze at the stars, 
I would dive into your eyes and feel the 
wholeness of being in love, being loved. 

Of being in world, would I feel in your arms.

O baby, please be my side,
For the last time, before you go away
Vanish into entirety for the love,
Love of yourself.

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One thought on “Perplexed: Scraps and Craps

  1. I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thanks for this great read!! I delifiteny enjoying every little bit of it and I have you saved to check out new stuff you post. My best regards, Kiana.

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