Sleep Sleep O Daisy

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Sleep sleep O baby while I sing,
sing the song of age of loneliness,
of humans who have lost their path, to
peace of mind and of heart 
like you and me, and of people
who are waiting to find way
out of this wilderness of desires and feelings.

Unrequited Love by Mike De Goodaboom

Sleep sleep O daisy, sleep  

sleep while you can
as tomorrow you will find me in your deep
diminished memories and 
will relish them, as lost dreams of this, 
or some other incarnation. 

Sleep sleep O fairy, sleep
I will be there in your dreams, 
besides you, to be with you, 
and your sorrows and your tears.  

Sleep sleep O fairy sleep
for I know, that you feel sleepy, 
 if you I am beside you. 

Sleep sleep O fairy, sleep
while I wait for you, 
to come to me in your fairy land, 
where there is sunshine and 
only sunshine, that matches,
 to you and your feelings.

And where there is no cloud,
and sorrow to express, 
just love and love and love,

Do you also feel that the sky is blue, 
and that the peach blossoms are pink,
and that the rain drops are wet? 
I just wanted to know, 
if you feel the same,
 as I do?
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