The Nonsense: Nothing Important

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You have your importance. I have my importance. As for the right importance, the correct importance, and the only importance, it does not exist.
Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote in my words.
Everyone and everything is important in this world for someone or something. It depends. How important are you to your friends? How important are you to your family members? Your importance to everyone around you and beyond you depends on how much you contribute to them. And secondly, which is the most important factor, how much they appreciate your contribution or to say how much are they in need of it. Attaching one sided importance to something or someone gives birth to lunatics—they place importance in telling us that we are doing futile things, they laugh when we continue to it without heeding them. But how much do we care about them or to their contribution reflected in their initiations to guide us? I think the classification- Pagal—speaks for that itself. No elaboration.

The point here is that when you or your efforts don’t make any significant places in the lives of the recipient or when you earnest efforts don’t make way in their lives, when your presence or prank does not brings smile to their face, or to say when your absence goes unnoticed, its time to realize that you are unimportant. Yes, unimportant.

Actually it’s so simple and complex at the same time, you know. We love to be with people whom we love and care for. But that’s our part. And that is partial. Incomplete. To be complete, the willingness and desire should be on both sides. It should be a common priority. A common desire.

People are so fucking busy. Since the birth of human race, they have been busy. Always engaged in something- physical or mental. And most of the beautiful things that we have today with us, like Monalisa, or Tajmahal or Music are the products of the importance that people gave to more personal desires. These things were created by taking time out or to say by not attending other things that would have kept them busy. They were never made for us to cherish or to write endless literature on them or to download them from google. For them their feelings were important, they sacrificed their immediate needs and in turn their feelings paid them by making also equally important.
Everyone has feelings. But does everyone create Monalisa? No. You see, Da Vinci gave birth to her only after his feelings attached importance to his desires. His own personal desire to potray his feelings on the canvas would not have paid back, if his feelings also did not reciprocated the same importance. His feelings did not abandon him. They played, mingled and danced to the tunes of his imaginations. They danced and he gave their dance a form, a skeleton in the form of Mona Lisa’s smile. The intense mingling of the artist’s desire and his feelings has made Monalisa a spectacular piece of art that keeps inspiring us to these days.

Feelings are spectacular. However some only can do justice to them. These are the people, whom we call the artists- the breeds of the psychos, the misfits, the weird – and a whole lot of derogatory taxonomies. They themselves don’t seem give a fucking damn to these entitlements. Why should they? They started to play, interact, and understand their feelings only after those around—the sane — rejected them. Better alone than in an incompatible company. It is important for all—introverts or extroverts—to have interactions – in fact intimate one. Everyone needs someone who corresponds to their fears, desires, and most importantly to their nonsense.

Talk sense with your neighbor, talk sense to your colleague, talk sense to the waiter, everyone will listen to you. That is sense talk. We have so much space for our senses—even though it constitutes a small fraction of our personality. But where is the space for our nonsense?

There are only two places—in your own and your lover’s heart. People fall crazy for people. Those crushes crush. Why?

Sharing? Sharing but what? Sex ? Might be. But is that all? No. Absolutely not.

If people would have been happy with sex, than there would be only brothel on this earth. Why would people bother to spend their life, regretting, caring, sobbing and writing poems on restaurant napkins while waiting?

Sex is nonsense for the world in general. But for an individual, it is an aspect of personality that is cautiously manifested with someone special that reciprocates same feelings and desire to share nonsense. Since it’s of great importance to share this nonsense, and since sharing it with anyone that does not equally corresponds to the underneath feelings can hurt back—worst damage the fragile personality — people always look for someone who knows and feels them the way they are.

“Your and my thoughts, your and my choice are so similar. Wow!”Yes, that clicking stuff.

When you have nothing important to talk, it is indicative of the fact that you are indulging with an unimportant person. When you don’t get anything to write or to say, it is indicative that you are not interested on the issue. For when something is important for you, you have lots of dense feelings that fuel your desires, give words to your mouth, provide spark in your eyes and vigor in body to dance in the rain, provides imagination to burn yourself by setting your room on fire and gives strength to endure the waiting—that sometimes goes to eternity. 

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