I Got A Life For Myself

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Khalil Gibran said, “You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts.” So true, but yet I would like to add something. We cease even to talk or to write, and indulge in contemplation of things and events around and began to feel it all in the air and in the waves around, when we cease to be in turbulence and come to terms with our self.

When we come to realization of the actuality, when we come down to earth from the fantasy and when we come to the actual from the dreamy zone that had comforted us with a misleading sense of feeling, we cease even to talk.  Its not dejection or to say– a shattering of dream, as it might seem to be. It is just a state of being. 
Feelings are complicated. Sometimes we win even by loosing, sometimes we live even by dying and sometimes we smile even by crying. This is one of those states when we give up everything we really want while getting them.
There are so many things we need, but lack of value to have them deprives us. We accept it. There are so many feelings we want to express, but lack of words deprives us. We accept it. There are times, when we want to walk on, when we want to give up remaining there transfixed, yet lack of resolution, keeps us hanging in there. We accept it.
In objective terms, these conditions can be described as lack of will power. But in subjective terms, or to say in my terms they are manifestation of our deep buried desire of not giving up. Deep inner will power of moving on, deep desire to learn expressions and understand things and feelings as they are, so that we can find words to requite all unrequited feelings. 
Candle Enlightenment by Teimur Amiry 

Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.
–Aldous Huxley 

It’s that state where we come to terms to ourselves and began exploring the shady in-cloves within ourselves. It is this state, when we give up relying on the tentacles of our senses for perception. It is at this juncture, we give up longing for things that aren’t with us or things we wanted to have. The acute pain triggered and inflamed by the recurrent sense of loss is replaced by realization—hard gained but glorious. 

It is a state, when we really don’t have that madness in us, but we perceive the madness in ourselves  and others and smile back even while we feel pain in our guts. Its the state, when we know that there is nothing as much valorous than standing still and let the dust settle down and the wind pass by. It’s a state, when we stop flowing down the funnel with the whirlwind for the paradise- that we think is lost. We gain sense enough- there is no paradise. 
Its a moment, when we realize that we have the potential to make a home for ourselves to live in with all the remnants of our dreams, wishes, and love. Its a state, when we realize that we have got a life for our-self- A life nurtured by wisdom gained while standing in the whirlwind of the mundane pain and pleasure. 
2013- Thank you very much. I got myself a life this year around.  

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