Past flames, future fuels it to rage on

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Beauty, love and peace are intricately intertwined. What is beautiful has love in it and where there is love, there is peace—eternal bliss. Some people only equate first of these two terms with sexuality and some even equate three of them philosophically with sexuality– like Osho. Lately, I have been finding that these three are visible in music, in food, in restaurants, in your surroundings and even in strangers. Its what I realized while sipping thukpa today at coffee station in Thapathali square.
I have always loved being part of the crowd. Nowadays I am beginning to enjoy solitude. Maybe I love it because it provides me the opportunity to feel the air passing in and out of me. Maybe because it gives me some moments to feel the life around me that is full of strangers who are occupied with their own struggles, defeats and victories. Maybe because these strangers reflect, in their actions and expressions, my own varied moods.
A perfect street side glass partition that allowed full scape view of the people passing to and fro across the busy humming street. A barely crowded square sized table decorated with a pair of spoons and a bowl full of thukpa garnished with perfectly roasted chicken threads. Aroma gently pleading me to treat it deliciously and relishing it to the fullest. Some best musicians playing their solos on high-bass speakers on the yellow shade walls of the restaurants, blended the perfect harmony for me and my moment of solitude.
Who would not be contemplative in such an ambience? This was the moment that I realized that one could find love where there is beauty and one can find peace where there is love. Warmed by the late afternoon’s sun, all I did was kept looking at the passing crowd and its varied actors that appeared and disappeared in the maddening crowd.
The Man of the Crowd by Brian Pedley

“One needs occasionally
to stand aside from
the hum and rush of
human interests and passions
to hear the voices of God.”

       — Anna Julia Cooper 

While floating in these subtle feelings on the restaurant chair, I could read the expressions on the face of approaching perfect stranger. I thought I was even reading body language from the back of those passing strangers. Some full of rush and worries, some full of joy and happiness, some full of promises, some confident of their ability and yet some other proud and ashamed of their personality and sexuality.
All those people had so much of varied feelings to reflect even though they were all part of the drama staged at same space and time. It was evident that those reflections were not produced at that particular time and space. They were carrying them from their immediate past or were expecting in their immediate future.
Even though we say that we should live in the present without regretting the past or fantasizing for the future, we essentially do that. We don’t have a choice to do it the said way. What would we be in the present without having a flame from the past? What would we do if we didn’t have future-hope to fuel our present? 

Past keeps the flame alive, future fuels it to rage on.

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