sometimes and into times

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Simon Birch’s Human Transientness Paintings 
Sometimes time does not heals it all
And you linger in my mind and
In passing thoughts
It’s your ooo and aahs that continues
Passing me words
It’s your presence that keeps,
Me from going mad at,
My impure thoughts and wondering.
It’s your smile that keeps,
Me going crazy into the
Wilderness of my selfishness
Can’t help expressing how it feels,
In the blue and grey and without you,
You don’t know when you get old and,
When your rosy cheek stale away.
Let’s go to the mountain top and
There by the willow of the streams,
And in the misty clouds, I would sing a song,
For our glory and the nature’s dullness
And rejoice in the blushes,
Of your ever-youthful face
Sometimes I wanna walk with you the talk
Sometimes I wanna go wild with you,
Sometimes, times does not wait for us,
Yet sometimes I wanna take you away.

Inspired and expressed partly under influence of “If I Had Eyes” by Jack Johnson.

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2 thoughts on “sometimes and into times

  1. Hehehe…pretty cool, I love songs by Jack Johnson, so reading this was refreshing 🙂

    Building with bent nails we’re falling but holding
    I don’t wanna take up anymore of your time, time, time, time
    have a good day

    • I don’t pretend to know what you know no no
      Now please don’t pretend to know what’s on my mind
      If we knew already knew everything that everybody knows……

      What would we have to learn ?

      Haha– me to love Jacky (jacky chain too)
      Thanks for the support and in taking time to go through all this.

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