Thank you and God bless you [ Sober Edition ]

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The year 2013 is on the count down. What an eventful year. For the first time in my life have I experienced such ups and downs, dejection and acceptance in my life that I feel more matured and more loved and more despised in my life. What a life. So guys here I take this wonderful opportunity of being blogger to thank you all and wish the best for you.

This year blessed me with a family and a friend who holds to me more than a friend. I appreciate all that patience that you have taken to understand me and accept me in my terms. Sometimes at the starting of the year you said, quoting Jim Morrison that a “ true friend is one who lets you what you are”. That was an changer in my life and I am thankful to you also for allowing to be to myself.

People, like you and me, don’t like to be suggested to change. While some backfire when they feel that they are being suggested, you have held your ground and brought me back to my own grounds, without being ever provocative. I don’t know whether I will pay you back ever for teaching this lesson, but I remain thankful to this time for bringing close to each other. 

This is the year that gave me so much in making my family complete. There are more lovely people around me now who gaze in my eyes searching for assurance and love. This year has given me grounds for being confident of reciprocating their expectations and love. With big family come strives and I remain confident of resolving them in the days ahead. .

Nothing comes for free. This year brought to me some of the best humans around. And in turn took away one of the best. What to do. Seems like a soap bubble. Seems so dreamy and misty misty. But yes I have learned to accept my shortcomings and uniqueness. I could not remain down the hill as I was expected to be on the mountain-top. So while things took their own course, I also came back to the course.

While having someone besides you is always a pleasure for sharing and caring, its also a pleasure to have someone in the sky. Fairy tails tell that people who are not with you but whom you love become stars. We can adore them, we can love them, but we cant be with them. This year gave a star in my sky. And it shines bright. 

Time – Its so strong, ardent and the best teacher one can get to overcome your fears. This year i lost two of my fears. Fear of height and fear of loosing someone. And it feels lighter. I sustained, in fact excelled after taking those risks. I got back to my teens and for the first time I am listening to songs only after reading their lyrics. 😀 Youth is in the air, Love is in the backyard.

In the end, thank you so much all of you for being with me through out these days and making my life worthwhile. I remain indebted.

Love You.

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