Uneven Journeys: What We Are & What We Could Be

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We are diverse in our capabilities, thoughts, perceptions, actions, feelings, desires, and so on. We have a diverse approach to food, to movies, to songs, to life and towards each other.

We head for our diverse lives’ supposedly diverse objectives on different paths and through diverse means— some on airplane, some on cars, some on motorcycles, some on foot and some on wheelchairs.

Yet in this pool of diversity, we always search for someone who feels the way we feel, who thinks the way we think, who perceives phenomenons the way we perceive, who acts the way we act, who feels and desires the way we do.

Multiple Personalities by Oghale Thomas Agboge

“Sometimes the thing that brings us together also pulls us apart.

Sort of like a zipper.

― Jarod Kintz

These are the peoples whom we would like to walk the talk, whom we would like to turn back and talk out while riding the bike, whom we would like to stare at while we ride the limousine or with whom we would like to look down on the world while we fly across the blue sky.

A search to collate ourselves, a search to relate ourselves, a search to anchor our feelings, perceptions, and humanness, and a search to find the other self.

A search that remains a search because diversity makes one of us rider and another of us walker to reach the same destination that it dictates is different.

Oh Diversity, though bitch. Its you that gives birth to this “If”. So many of “Ifs” for everything that makes us diverse or ourselves otherwise. So here is my ‘if’ for you— ‘If’ only I was spared from using this ‘If’ in our case, we could have been what we are. 

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