Boxer or the Bag? Who Gives a F**k!

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Here I am again, with an eternal question to talk about in this transient moment and with a delimited comprehending ability. The question kicks in whenever I perceive things going around me and in me. Sometimes I feel that I have certain capabilities to trigger desired changes in people, events and conditions and again sometimes I find myself as an helpless actor who follows dictates of an unknown, incomprehensible force- way beyond your, mine or anyone else’s capacity or even reach.

What I went through so far– were mostly not intended. I cherished most of them, and I still carry lessons from them. All of those events, circumstances, and all of those people, did have a lesson, at least, to teach and a lesson to learn. Learning is always an activity that you indulge in, when you are solely interested. So, even though the outcome of some of the eventualities may not have met to my expectation, one thing is certain that I had engaged in them for my own liking and therefore I inculcated the lessons that they delivered and sometimes more than they intended to deliver. In these – I became the boxer and the bag as well.
Boxer or Bag-Adventure loudreadings
The Wanderer by Caspar David Friedrich

“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.” 

― Paulo CoelhoEleven Minutes

The trend continues. Events are yet to unfold and circumstances are still to brew in more complexities and dramas – for what is life without some twist and turns in the plot. Who loves to walk on linear path that has no ravines and mountain and terrain? While I am prepared for the moves that I had made wrong in the past, I am unsure of the new moves. But I am excited with the change in game plans that the future has in store for me, because I know what goes around does comes around. Life is so predictable- one day one is boxer and the other day – a box.

Whatever—I intend to put up my best in front as usual. No regrets. No pain. Just hope. Just Love. With the same attitude—Give your best, leave the fucking rest. Life is too transient and unpredictable to wait for the results to come. If there are results, they find you wherever you may be. So, I am better singing take it easy and walking the alleys instead of panting up the mountaintops.

World- Please go sell the mountain to some elite, I am happy walking my own way.
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