Hachiko: Eternal Hope, Unflinching Love

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How long do you wait for something to happen, or someone to come to your terms? That depends on the circumstances—whether they are promising or otherwise. Hope, I find is a matter of faith on your own beliefs. Rather than on any one’s assurances or promises. Unflinching faith on our own intuition’s judgement is all that we need to go through our life waiting for our wishes to fulfill.
I recently watched Hachiko– The Story of a Dog. For the first time in many years I could not stop feeling the loss of the Dog and the dejection it goes through each day of those nine years and the hope that sustains him through it before finally resting alongside his partner.
So while the rest of the family gets down to business and put their efforts in forgetting the one they lost, this dog remains adamant to its faith on the love of the man for it. It cannot take it that the man who loved it so much won’t return to play again with it. It is not ready to take the argument that the feelings precipitate, people change, and humans remember new things, feelings and people by forgetting the older ones. NO—it is just doesnot buy this argument.

I’m a lot older than you but I tend to think that there’s an element of music that cannot be captured. Life cannot be captured. Human heart cannot be captured. The moment of creation itself is fleeting.

Is this loyalty – for which all dogs are famous? I do not have words to describe it. The pain, I did feel it but how much I do not know. Music, emotions and feelings cannot be actually recorded in their originality. Nothing in this world is replaceable or exactly representational. No one can fill no one’s vacuum. I wonder how many of these bottomless hollows we have in our lives.
Every time we lose one of our feelings, dreams or one of our plans, we earn ourselves a bottomless hollow. By this time, I have myself earned so much of hollows, but at the same time, I look at the green patches that I have earned. These green patches are the light of hope that still keep me on my feet and moving, while those hollows are the ones that constantly remind me of not being euphoric. Such a balance!
Love and Hope — keep us alive and guide us when we feel that the light is burning low, when we feel that we are all alone, when we feel that everything we touch, fades away, when we realize that empty feelings occupy our heart, when we stare at the dark ceiling while feeling the blues at the end of a gloomy day.

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