Lessons Realized On The Fly

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Reality or falsity or neutrality is twisted, inherently.  Whatever your argument is, it is always twisted. And twisted is reality. And it is damn good, if you take it that way. During these recent days, I have learned some of these twisted twigs that I call reality. Most of them, you might realize, are general things—but that’s why I am actually writing.

There are lots of common things, that we take for granted and do not provide their due value, unless we loose their sight. This is one of the first lesson—Appreciate whatever you have and learn to embrace the smallest or negligible happiness you get. Smallest, negligible and blah blah are adjectives that change with time and context. You wont like to regret, when these change and make the conditions otherwise.

Bacteria, ants, humans, elephant and whales are all equally busy in their occupation. Each of them have individual means to spend their time—and those are means are equally important for them. When you spend time with others or when you get others time, ensure that you get or give the best to it. – who knows, tomorrow context might shift otherwise, the mole would get busy in making better use of the time.

“Keep true, never be ashamed of doing right; decide on what you think is right and stick to it.”
T S Eliot

There are lots of things that we are scared to do or we think are foolish to do. But people, some people do that. If you have ideas or plans to do something ‘foolish’ or seemingly ‘stupid’, do it. Our world would have been still in the stone age, if people had confined to status quo—there is always something better awaiting at the end of a foolish trial. A lesson learned through personal experimentation, is far better than reading a whole book of life-quotes.

People—they are all a different breed having different and varied choices, thoughts and idiosyncrasies. Just like mosquitos, ants, elephants and again whales—they are different and unique, with at least one quality to consider and appreciate.  Take the best, leave the rest and accept diversity. And of course, don’t expect return or to say immediate return for all the good, that you think you are doing. But be confident, your actions do pay back, the same way you do. So just be good, to receive good — one fine day.

Things have a strange way of getting back to you, as we produce and pass them around. Even if things and people look gross or grim, just remember– we change, time change and so do they. And this is most beautiful aspect around us. Everything is beautiful or becomes so– just need the right context and right amount of positivity in us, to translate or wait to translate them so. Spend more energy here—it’s the only thing we can do for a better tomorrow.
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