The Otherwise Icarus

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Floating and flying has a different feeling attached to it.  Both have different sensations. For some sane persons, unlike me, it is essential to keep their feet grounded on solid ground. But for me its been never, I am born Icarus. I dared to fly with the wind, I soaked myself in the rain instead of running away and I floated with the water tide. It sure is a different sensation when the feet loose hold of the sound ground, but it nevertheless delivers realization that tells what a solid ground is.
Everyone has the craving to fly high, to go crazy, to float away in the tide- but only some make it while some pass away their life fantasizing about it. I feel good that I do not belong to the later creed. The gratification stems from the fact that after this short episode of ‘craziness’, I realized what is a solid ground and what is a passing wind or a floating ocean tide. I came to know what remains to us in the end and what passes away swiftly with the wind tide or the ocean tide, just the way it came in our life.
Adventurous Icarus Loudreadings

“Never regret thy fall,

O Icarus of the fearless flight
For the greatest tragedy of them all
Is never to feel the burning light.”

How would one differentiate between the water that quenches our thirst and that soaks our bones in the form of cold November rain? How would one differentiate between the air that fills our breathe and that inflames our inner fire and how would one differentiate between the sky under which we always feel at home and the ground on which we exist?
In this crazy flight fueled by dare dreams and high hopes, I flied across the blue skies and fluttered with the butterflies. I danced in my imagination, and I created stories for myself to keep. I soaked myself in the November rain and I floated with the tides that transformed into a whirlwind.
Being crazy after all isn’t so bad. Back on firm ground now, I find myself as the otherwise Icarus that is back in Athens with stories of cold raindrops, spine-chilling sensation of zero gravity, of dancing with the butterflies in the air and of teasing the golden globe in its full glory.

Go on. Just go on. Try on!!!
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