Transient and the Eternal

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Every time I walk down the alley and into you, I find you more than what I had perceived. There is a something different about you that keeps quizzing me and my perception. Both of which are always bent on perceiving the multitude dimensions of your being. Is it beauty that becomes even complex by the day or is it me a beholder who always stumbles on even more refined details of your being?

There are lots of things scattered around and within me. A lot in fact to quite understand them and even to concede that they do exist. I am realizing that they might also have so many dimensions to explore and to be known. They too must be beautiful for if that would have been otherwise they would not have existed. And even if they failed to get my senses on them, they might or will succeed in getting someone else’s to appreciate their very existence.
Rose Painting by Osnat Tzadok loudreadings
Rose by Osnat Tzadok

“I believe in the brief eternity of the rose.”                                       ― Marty Rubin

I am too much occupied in myself. Of all the elements that have centered in this self, your presence has kept me in awe. What is there in you that I remain transfixed. As of logic, I know that you are just a being that will fade away like everything does in this world. You are just a shower of those rain drops in summer, that fade away screening a rainbow for all to see and feeling the want for more of it. Just like me, and others, you too will not last longer, like the November Rain.

Is this why you are burrowing your being in me so that your beauty could live forever in the threads of my imaginations, in the crumb of my feelings and in the words of my lines—spoken and unspoken, written and unwritten?
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