Discontinuing Continuity

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It’s been some time that I have been having this urge.  These characteristics are bringing out more and more of my idiosyncrasies and as usual I am giving into them. After all I am their sole parent and child.
We walk on a path. Sometime for the love of walking, some time out of need and yet some time out of the love for drifting. Drifting has different and unprecedented quality attached mainly so because every one of each us drifts in unique spaces with unique feelings that have varied perception about everything—including ourselves.
Discontinuity by David Roberts

“Existence was not only absurd, it was plain hard work. Think of how many times you put on your underwear in a lifetime. It was appalling, it was disgusting, it was stupid.”

                       ― Charles BukowskiPulp

But the drift should end one day and everything has to fall back in right places. Can’t remain dislocated forever and by the same token cant remain transfixed in the dreamland forever. So why to hang around in the grave of dead feelings and decayed carcasses? After all life is not all about living in the shelter of boulevard of broken dreams.  It’s about heading on the way to heaven or hell. For its certain that both of those places will be better or worse than here. So why worry?
We have so much to think, so much to feel and yet so little to do. We have so much to remember, so much to contemplate and yet so little to forget. We have so much of so many things, yet we always yearn for what we don’t. We have so many reasons to be happy, yet some time only one reason suffices to make life a gloomy winter- stealing away all the joy that could keep all the flowers blooming even through the harshest winters?
I am stranding this question to its fate. There is always an option of passing in a fair game and I chose it to pass the question, the rules and the game itself. Walking the blues and through the blues, is a pleasure to be cherished.

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