Giving Away: Religion & Rationality

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I have always thought about the beggars or to say about the people who are economically deprived. Yet again I have always offered incense sticks and nariyals and all the customized eatery to please god within the temple, at home and within myself. So, the question here is: Is it worth funding construction of temples or is it worth funding feeding of hungry people? Which one of them is more human?

I would say both are legit – because both are humane.

Lets talk about religion first. People invented religions to fit and fulfil their needs. One of the most important needs that any religion fulfils is providing its follower with the presence of a all-powerful supernatural being. Besides all the morals and customs that differentiate humans from animals, religion makes us more human. The after-death, the Yam-Raj-Kadai, or the Hell talks in religion are fears that avert most of the humans from creating sins. So religion is important and so is the god.

Regarding constructing a temple, its also not a different issue. Practically speaking see why people donate is to gain some respectful position in heaven. Even if it is not near Menaka, they would be happy landing in that region. Because, as scriptures promise, it is a place where there is no pain, just pleasure. So, we being greedy by nature make temples to please god and secure our ticket to heaven. Now how many of our temple building constructers went to heaven, remains unknown. But one thing important must be noted here- they constructed temples to satisfy their humane needs more than anything else. That’s it.

“You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is like an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Now comes donation drive. I have seen many people or institutions that make donations for the welfare of the needy people. I have seen people who drop some pennys out of their pocket to beggars and I have also seen people who scorn at people who do so—the second types have different versions in this regard. Some think that the beggar has hands, eyes in good condition-s/he should work and earn a living. And yet some again think why the fuck should I give you what I earned so hard? Legit enough.

But those who donate, they feel good when they give. That’s again humane—humaneness is nothing else than doing what you feel good doing, without making others feel bad about it. If you feel good building a temple by investment millions of dollars, go for it. If you feel good by becoming a drunk and writing a poem for your unrequited love, go for it. If you feel good being a politician of a political principle that has been fucked over and over again, go for it. And if you want to donate your snacks cash to this human who despite being fit and perfect and educated and your equal in every aspect, spreads his/her hands in front of you- give. What – it’s all about feeling good and feeling human-Do whatever you feel is good. 

In essence nothing is good and nothing is bad.

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