Do We Change or Transform?

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It was some months back, we were discussing the the nature of ‘essence’. Though the discussion was not using any ontological jargons, it in fact was a philosophical discussions on human ‘behavior’. The question: does our behavior change with the passing of time?  

Basically my friend rolled out two statements. First is that even if humans change for sometime, responding to special circumstances, they nonetheless revert back to their originality in the long run. Second was in fact complementing to it: If we have some feelings at a particular time for a particular person and in a particular set of conditions, those feelings fade away, just like the Blue Valentine. 

Reflecting back on these propositions, after traveling through some time ahead in the present future, I find them both contradicting to each other. While the first one says that that the original things or to say the “essence” lasts forever, the latter is clearly a statement that agrees to GnR’s lyric “nothing lasts forever, not even november rain.” By extension, it is in fact the call for carpe diem: Cease the day, tomorrow is but beyond the known and the actual. 

Now, lets talk about another friend who has a love for ‘branded goods’ or to say ‘original goods’. Love for branded goods, I now realize, is not a fashion statement — but a quest for originality or unique. Is not only goods that he liked to have branded, but work, humans, and relationships. Nothing of the sort, that could be termed ‘workable’, appease him. I find the quote “don’t settle down for anything less than you deserve” apt to describe this habit. There is no compromise. There maybe many side effects of this attitude, like remaining to self, remaining poor in lack of making compromises, but one thing is sure– one remains true to self. 

So, I wonder is this friend of mine trying to avoid, lets say, the recourse to originality after a temporary walk through the Chinese Eden. Is this a never-ending quest for the original- that one gets after testing the material through hot furnace, cold and stormy winds and all the rough-handling? Anything original will testify to the limits- if they are just passing emotions or the budding of the fertile soil or to say ‘unnatural’- they will perish. Is this the logic behind the quest for originality? I also don’t know that, but it does justifies that anything original testifies the rough tides of Blue Valentine weather. 

When I wished to sing of love, it turned to sorrow. And when I wished to sing of sorrow, it was transformed for me into love.                                                               —Franz Schubert

Originality, like I said in that post on Facebook yesterday, is eternal. Its never annihilated. I remember some notes from Chemistry classes on substances. It said nothing in this world is destructible– everything is convertible. Substances transform to another form. This is true for material substances. Boil down the water until the last drop. The water will be lost but it will be still there — in the form of gas. Though the form changes– the element H2O (the original matter) still exists. And I find this analogy relevant in terms of non-tangible emotions also. What happens to the emotions when they are felt, expressed or unexpressed? Do they annihilate? Are they eaten up by the Blues? 

When we have feelings-expressed or unexpressed, requited or to say unrequited– they come into existence. Now whether they make the desired impact or not is not important, when it comes to their very existence. The feeling is born. And they exist. But yes, some feelings fade away. What we generally agree to is that emotions, lets say love, fades away with the blues? My question do they annihilate? How can they annihilate when substance itself has an indestructible core? 

I don’t feel they do annihilate, even the Chinese emotions. But yes, they do transform to other forms. The core remains the same, but the intensity or to say the appearance changes. In its original form it might be like a hot chocolate, which you want gulp down in a shot but can’t because its hot, but later when the temperature goes down, you preserve frosted- cold-milk-chocolate. Heat it up, it will melt down. Whatever the state- liquid cold or frozen cold, chocolate is still there. The matter is there, and the transformation in it is not self induced, but induced by the external factors- or to say circumstantial conditions. 

This world and its substances- tangible or intangible, physical or non-physical- has an amazing tendency of transforming. Nothing on this earth remains the same, they keep changing the form. Stones turn to sand, sand to dust, dust to sand, sand to rock. See everything in this world just can’t stand still- they keep transforming- but without changing their original substance. The essence remains the same, manifestation or to say the form keeps changing. We just have to figure out the essence. 

Love to hatred, hatred to indifference and indifference to serenity, whatever they are just the product of emotions (original). Its form– love, hate, indifference or serenity — directly depends on the circumstances in which it is groomed. An anonymous quote seems to be more apt to sum it up: What you sow is what you reap!  We get what we want, if we do what we want. There is nothing less, nothing more than that. 
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