The Way of the World

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I have been with the cattle. I used to hang on their tails while they used to reluctantly drag their hind legs and the weight of around 10 years boy up the steep heel. I have been part of the deuda songs that some of romantic summer lovers used to sing in the recently preserved dense community forest. I still belong to a society, which still surprises with a phone when it takes photos and shows instant snapshots. I have been a part of the world that still worships the North Star in the month of Kartik as the Holy Spirit watching us and waiting for to guide us to the heavenly abode.

I have been a part of the society that still believes in remaining mediocre in their behavior- personal or social. I have been part of a group of people who get out of the restaurant when it comes to paying bills. I have been part of people, who study hard in the darkness of the night, while disturbing in the broad light of the day. I have seen people, who care for their single penny, but who would love to have a mediocre set of dinner in some restaurant with moderate, if not high race, ambience.

I have been part of a certain number of people who really live their life to the word that they utter in the morning and reiterate in the evening and in the day, week, and month that follows. I have been part of this rare breed of people, who know they can fuck the world upside down, but who still don’t demonstrate it- for what would be said as for the love of humanity- because they know that they can do but yet just don’t don’t wont to engage is something as cheap. 

Alexa Depressed Mood
Alexa Medea- The Lady

“Nobody dies a virgin…
Life fucks us all.” 

— Kurt Cobain

I have been a part of a society, which boasts of belonging to a superior breed. I have been part of a society that has boisterously shows less value for status. I have been a part of such high society that boasts of self-confidence and open relationship, but itself longs for a close relationship that they can cherish themselves and a confidence that they yearn for. I have been part of a society, whose members don’t get tired of being confident or of presenting themselves as ‘wow-personality’, but who in the midst of their mediocre life’s darkness find themselves fucked by their own selves- the hermaphrodite breed.

I have seen people fucked up by their own idiosyncrasies and by natural forces that lie far beyond our powers. I have seen people struggling against all the odds to win over the inhuman natural laws, but in midst of all that still do care of others around them. I have seen people, who boast of being limitless, but still create and live within the self-created prison of their conscience that they always contemplate to break down but still remain imprisoned. I have seen people, who always seek happiness, and in their switching from here to there, from one person to another, from one place to another, end up nowhere and in desolation.

We are all so obsessed in finding meaning to our life, to our present moments. we are so desperate for being someone, to have these disjoint moments to ourselves- in our isolation, in our losses, in our inability we do everything we want. We Live our life in these struggles and end up in dust making a different story for ourselves. Making a temporary yet ever lasting essence for others to cherish.

What else!
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