Nothing Lasts for Forever

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Heard this so many times, right? Me also. In fact I got gifted with a novel with the same name. Flipping through some of its pages – I was taken in this thinking bucket once again and I reached beyond this round round world, beyond stars and most importantly beyond self. Self recollection gives us so much to think of, and time its always there to keep us ticking around and even though moments fade away with every coming new moment.

Physical or aesthetic – everything and everyone has an end. And we know. What intrigues me here- despite all the oddities and impending destruction – we never give up working on it. We always continue woking for perfection. Perfection is such bitch, its obsession robs us from enjoying the moments.



“Nothing lasts forever, so live it up; drink it down, laugh it off, avoid the bullshit”. – Marylyn Monroe

The world, the galaxy, the stars are round and round. They survive, thrive and are destroyed in between these moments. our world has so many strange phenomenons. See, this round shape phenomenon is so much evidently pervasive in us. Its not only the feelings evaporating into thin air, but its everything. Physical and non physical- everything is perishable. But within these moments what matters is that how much did you live before they are annihilated.

While keeping this undeniable fate in the back of our heart, we should live the moments without giving undue stress on the end-factor. Nothing lasts forever – than what? Enjoy the moments with what you have. Its a waste of time of looking for miracles, luck or to say expectations. Everything is random in this regular world. There is chaos in this order but that is the paradox of living a life. There is inherent sadness within us and we need to ensure that we make the best out of the moments we have to cherish. It is our win in denying sadness and embracing the optimism to head on.

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