The Perfect World & The Perfect Me

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I am perfect man who goes to gym in the morning, does aerobics, has a well toned body that is envied upon. I am very good singer who can sing like PF and PJ and even can write better lover lyrics than Jackson. I can dance classic and modern or name any genre- You know when a tune plays on I can feel my body parts tuning into the tune and putting it up on a dance floor- flawlessly. I drive a Range Rover with ray ban on and with my lips clenching a big fat Chilean Cigar. And so on – its an endless list of flawless perfection. I am amazed with my perfect and creative mind that can impersonate any persona – far better than photoshop. 

A healthy mind, a mind that dares to dream beyond horizons and limits, is the best world to be in. Its the best place to create and groom the perfect world. Its the best place where we are in perfect harmonies with our inconsistencies, incompetencies and imperfections. These otherwise truth and realities are larger parts of our personalities and even though they are read in negative lights by some, they are an integral part of us. They are equally important in making us who we are. They are the ‘Me-Makers’ and that “me” can be The King, Mr. Bond – James Bond, or anyone who awes you . Like you, I also complete all my unfulfilled desires, ambitions, dreams and lackings in this small and yet vast mind of mine. 

I have found remaining upbeat in life, overcoming incompetencies and always doing the best, being the best, and feeling important as very much important ingredients for making this life bearable and meaningful. There are some simple things which I find handy in doing so. Read on.  

Since I started writing this blog, I have hunted so many quotes on life, that I have began to impersonate them in my day to day life. Reading positive things empower us to realize our standings and to move ahead by reconciling with the oddities. Reading by far, is the most important aspect in coming to terms with this world full of diverse people, thoughts and equally diverse way of living life. 
Da Vinci Vitruvian Man Playing Guitar 😉 

“Hope is a waking dream.”
 â€“ Aristotle

Friends, especially those with positive outlook and fair mindedness are an asset to have in life. Even if we don’t have resemblance in presenting ourselves or dealing with others, people filled with positiveness always give important lesson and that too with a pinch of salt. Sugar-Sweet friends are also good to hang around, but they are not life-shapers. 

Dream wildly. Someone has aptly put it that if your dreams don’t make others laugh at you, you ain’t dreaming. Yes, these are wild dreams and believe me — dream whatever you wish. Day dreaming is just the best source of optimistic and cheerful life. Dream of going on a date with Ryan Ghosling or Marlyn Monroe. Why not? Dream on! 

Never try to find incapabilities by comparing yourself with someone-not-like-me. Its important to understand that this world is full of diverse people with diverse capabilities. No one is perfect and no one is the best. But yet everyone is special for some one. If rose would be the only best, than why would W B Yeats dance with the Daffodils? If Sun was the only thing necessary, than why would lovers promise to have the moon for their beloved? Ever imagined of this? Know your best personality assets and know your shortcomings. But move on by keeping the first one in your heart and the second one in your mind. For you or for the ones who love and care for you– You are the Best. What else then this do we need to have a meaningful life? 

Let me know your tips for a meaningful life – Sharing is caring!  
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