Knowing the Noema

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Its sane and its insane. The way we live and die. The way we react and shun. The way we perceive and the way we present ourselves. Most of the time, it seems to be nonsense but whenever it makes sense- it is the joint effort of the perceiver and the object/subject’s intention. Both parties cooperate with each other for being perceivable and comprehensible to each other. This is how it seems to work.

Suppose, I want understand X. Now if X also wants me to understand it, things become easier. In the second scenario- X is neutral. This complicates things a bit more than the previous assumption because it wont be more interactive, as X does not have intentions to do so. In the third instance- X does not wants to be comprehend. Its just good being an enigma. Now what ? – I will observe as an outsider and collect details and process those details as I found and felt. My understanding is now hell-bound- since its unverified.

The Endless Enigma by Salvador Dalli

The Endless Enigma by Salvador Dall


Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.”

-Salvador Dali


Substitute the value of X with the world, the family, friends, colleagues, or anyone or anything. Its the same. You and me can make things better if we both share the same purpose and intentions. Because it enables to share thoughts unrestrained. And only unrestrained and untamed imaginations, cooperation and desire- create the best ideas, environment and feelings.

But does this happen? No, not all the time. Thats why whenever it happens- we are glad. And most of the time, we try to make it happen.

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