Hero: Be Prometheus

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Its been an remarkable year so far. So many ups and so many downs- truly incredible. But this incredibility comes with a price- loss of insanity which culminated in the birth of Sane. Reflecting on this, it becomes even more justifiable- does anything meaningful takes birth without loss or to say without pain. Never. Everything good comes at a premium price.

There are many types of people, but lets divide them into two broad categories- one who think for themselves and the ones who think for others. The first types are abundant in this world- as this category includes all the living beings on this earth. They are common and this might be the reason, nobody notices or demands anything of them. It is the later category people, who is a source of inspiration and of assurance to many. We need these people – as they are the one who have the will power to challenge impossible condition and to make a world that is good for all of us. One of these North star – fell prey to the chaos today. This note acknowledges the efforts and heroism ideals that he carried and the initiatives he took transcending his personal vested interests.

Prometheus: The Damned Hero

Prometheus: The Damned Hero

It’s very easy for someone who is standing safely out of trouble to advise and

rebuke someone who is in trouble. I knew all that, all along. I did the wrong thing intentionally, intentionally, I won’t deny it: by helping mortals, I brought trouble on myself. But I certainly never thought I would have a punishment anything like this, left to wither on these elevated rocks, my lot cast on this deserted, neighbourless crag. Now stop lamenting my present woes: descend to the ground and hear of my future fortunes, so that you will know it all to the end. Do as I ask, do as I ask.

Some of us prefer to measure success in terms of the results even by disregarding the actual efforts made in gaining it. This trend sometimes pops up a question in my mind- Is this world only for achievers? While searching answers to this question – i saw the cockroaches on the kitchen floor. These tiny creatures were here on earth way before the Dinosaurs and they still are. Unlike Dinosaur they never did anything significant but still they have been grooming well here- a simple fact behind their long life is the capability to remain dumb and to adapt themselves to climatic challenges and other problems.

Well this Cockroach and Dinosaur analogy is evident. To survive in this world- its important to have three skills- patiences, honesty and hardworking. One day everyone’s number will come- but till that day there is nothing important other than what we want to be recognized as. Whether you want to do something meaningful even if you fade away like the dinosaurs or you just want to live to yourself and have a long singular life the cockroaches– its always a choice to us.

In life, nothing else matters than how you are making your present moment precious. Be a hero- help someone believe in themselves. Be a hero- help someone believe that the world is not wasted. Be a hero- help yourself in believing that the world can be changed for good. Be a hero- show that you believe in the good. Be a hero- appreciate human frailty with a touch of humanity. Be a hero- even if its at the cost of lunacy.

Be a Hero, be Prometheus – Bring down the fire of heaven to human, for humans need that more. At the end of the day, nothing else matters!

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