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Its been above one and half decades since I have been searching for the meaning of religion and humanity and the things they stand for. In this course, I have studied many a articles and read many a books. Seems I had not developed that faculty, which could understand this simple things. Because as an immature I was complex being with a complex mind. But these terms, which I was trying to understand, were simple and required a simple mind to understand that.

A mind which can use complex logics to perceive the implicated meanings of others statements- is a complex mind. These minds try to understand beyond what is and what is said. In nutshell these minds run after what is not there. Considering the common perception that these minds are the minds, everyone tries to be so. In this endeavor, which basically comes from a wrong education from one’s learned ones, we humans loose our intuitive instincts to judge an event.

Most of the times when we have a new person in our life we try and prepare host of questions about his characteristics, nature, faith and his abilities. In these endeavors we detach with many and attach with only a few. These fews are the ones who compliment to our ways of thinking and our philosophy. We justify our attachment testifying to their artificial intelligence or to say their pious nature. But the question is: are they really pious in nature? Are they really above their self?
Answers to these questions is a difficult one— because we all are indebted to our friends. some of us might be indebted because they were with us in our times of trouble and some of us might be with us when we our ego was in crisis. We receive help from them and the desire to payback their good deeds becomes our religion. In such a situation, we done follow the righteous or the ethical but we follow our own religion— to pay back all the actions that this friend has done for us. Thereby becoming a partner in his/her crime. Ultimately failing to be a good friend.Krishna Guidance to Arjun in Mahabharat

Krishna to Arjun, when he cannot fight in the battle

He who sees me in all things, and all things in me, is never far from me, and I am never far from him. So Arjun do what you were born to do. Believe in me and you will be guided through.


Yes, we fail in being friend when we just became mute spectator or witness to the deeds of our friends. This is where we fail.

To be a friend, in fact a friend in its real essence what we need, in my opinion, is not being subjugated to the friend or not being recipient to the good things that s/he can give us. In such a case we remain away from the desire to possession to own something that is with the friend.

A classical example in this is of Karna, the great warrior from Mahabharata. He basically had good mind and heart. But in his efforts to rival to an undeserving candidate Arjun, he aligned up with Duryodhan. His alignment was nothing more than an attempt to revenge the insult that he was subjected as son to horse rider. Karna ultimately, in lack of someone to guide him through these multiple meanings of logics, became a confidante of Duryodhan. Thereby giving up hope to attain salvation.

In contrast to it, Arjun was the luckier one because he was always guided by a dexterous grandfather, than a dexteours guru and than the God himself – Krishna. The probability of doing something wrong remains equal in all of us. But the potential to avert them and to walk on the path to salvations depends on the persons who are around us- our family members and the most of all – A Guru. And one thing that strikes me now is that Arjun did not seem to regard as God as we do now. For him, he was just a friend. And this is where i wonder if do  know who my friends are?

This is the fact, I now realize that nobel family in the past courted wise man and Gurus as courtiers. Being with simple minded and good hearted people is the best thing to be ever with. Its better to be alone than in a bad company. So, choose your friends and attachments wisely as they basically are the ones who will influence and decide your journey between bliss and pain, not only in this life but also after this life. Arjun had one of bliss and galore because he chose Krishna- the righteous friend.

It was Krishna who basically taught Arjun about the right thing, about the simple thing. Its so simple. In Krishna words: People find themselves, the nature and the organism very complex because they try to comprehend them. I created them because I love them. How can a rational being understand a emotional creation.

Seems I got so far- I cant understand others, but than what I can feel them. Here and Now.

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