What I feel grateful of possessing & I feel burdened ?

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I have seen a lot people complaining and whining about not having many things desired and many things they loathed to have in their life – to some extent I am also one of these persons. But there is one secret to success and happiness in life and that is attitude to how we perceive these cherished and hated possessions of ours. So here is my list of these possessions out here on the public for you to read. Please enjoy my likes and no-likes

5. My BlackBerry Curve

Well this is one of my most priced assets – gained some years back, the day it landed in my hands, I instantly felt a businessman. So basically this Black and Blue gadget is the one who has been with for couple of years and it has blown away so many songs in my ears and got connected with so many people – all flawlessly and wonderfully. Good to have a Berry in the pocket.

4. My MacBook Pro

Wow – yes thats what I felt when I had this one some years back. It was a dream come true, I always had love for things flashy, sexy, durable and yes unique – something that stood out from the crowd. These qualities, which I think do possess, are imbibed in these amazing machine and thus working with it for so many years have been a wonderful experience – what else would you desire to have better than this to work with or to say spend most of your time. Its a machine, which i would dare say is as sexiest as smoking hotty walking through the pedestrian, playing with her hair and gracefully carrying her assets. Wow! Again.

3. My Profession

When I was at college – I had discovered that I had love for speaking. And some years down the road, i rediscovered I was a hell of explorer — no wonder someone said that I am a stalker. But yes, i forgot to tell you one of my earlier discoveries about my talent is that – I loved to write. I had discovered this when I did my elder brothers History, & Geography homework back in my school days. I have all these talents in use and this is just awesome. But how come I could have these all ? Read on

Wife of the Pandavas from the Hindu epic Mahabharat had to marry five husbands — that too in the time of ancient vedic Hindu culture – what a blasphemy, even these days. But the thing behind this blasphemy — in those days — and a dream-come-true marriage life — had a condition related. Actually in some of her earlier incarnation, Draupati had done a lot of penance and had asked Lord Shiva to bless her with a husband who had all qualities like – pious, muscular, sharp, benevolent and lovely. Lord Shiva said – Granted. But having all these qualities in one single man was not possible for the gods and thus according to their plans she married five persons each of them with these qualities — that fulfilled her wish, similar to mine.

I dont have all my qualities in a single job – but i have many of them and each of them corresponds to one of my core interest and quality- isn’t that awesome 🙂 I bet.

Martin_luther_king_quote2.My Friends

Have all these on my finger or to say right in my head while i am writing this post. These guys – though very limited editions- have been amazing. One of the major qualities in them is that they are hell of optimist and nonchalant. I have never heard them complaining – Bournvita finished, my partner left me, or i am broke..etc etc. So this has helped me in keeping upright and never ponder even along the borders of worries and pain and misery – These people are awesome and deserving ones to be in my life! (;) – ali badi bhayo ki kya ho ? — please filter out)
1. The Best Family

These guys that have reared, matured and continue providing headways in times of difficulties and these guys who dont mind me drinking some glasses of vodka, when i feel out of scope, have given me all the masala to make a good sense of being from this mundane life. They are spiritual, they are material and above all they are benevolent. What else do i need.

Now about the bad things – Actually none, i just a freaking bad habit of deleting bad things from hard disk or from my memory. So no comments here on this issue. just keep drifting, keep wishing and keep acting – thats all you need to in this world, else life will be stool good and give you more time to have some pegs at the end of the day.

For today— this is all, but stay tuned!

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