Relationship Basics from Sane

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Its point zero range and she is pointing her gun at me. I am sure dead, its just a matter of split seconds. In between these seconds, I fast rewind the events that her and me had gone across and a fast forward analytical summary of what went wrong between us – me, Joe and her Josephine? Here is summary for you reader to keep in mind so that you can avert writing such a blog once upon a time in your life.
# Knowing the Noema

Noema is the other half of one self in exisetinalism- the science which studies soul and individuality. Most of the time, we ourselves are not clear of what we want, so its a stupid thing to advise that you should know your better half. We are dealing with cases where your feelings are not reciprocated by the one, whom you in love/crush or sth else. So, in such a scenario, remember of not expressing what you are. In my experience, everyone loves engaging with a person, with secrets. Expressing your secrets or jokes and not having the personality to mend it, might caught your job— so just make it sure that you are never this bakra. Be secretive.

# Dont be Flexible

I have seen a lot of boys/girls bunking everything and everyone for the one who has a special place for them. Its a very good non-official plan, indeed its the best moments that you will cherish through the rest of your life. But dont say yes, DONT ever go beyond your original routine to spare some time with the lady/lada of your life. This fuels in your partner a sense of ‘taken-for-granted attitude, and ultimately you might find yourself stranded on a chowk, bereft of any civilized background to sustain a life.


#Dont Trust

This is one of the sweetest and intimate meetings we will ever do in our whole of life . Trusting yourself is what they call confidence but trusting yourself more than others, is what we call altruism. So, even if you walk away from her/him  to save the deal of the day, remember only some- ONLY some will tell you the truth and rest will treat you just as you are- a time pass. Dont easily trust what seems, even of those who say speak only truth. The bottom line is divert away from the tequilas and scotch and enjoy the malt up– DONT SEEK TRUTH, its a hollow, none has truth to share, none is secure and confident to share their essence. Be ready for the anti-climax while expecting otherwise– which is rare!

#Just Love

This is the last and the most important of all the points above- Just dont ever give up loving, if you do.

Thats all – Enjoy!


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