Struggle for the Common Good: A cause to live for

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Life is short. Life is unpredictable. Life starts with the realization of its end – at the very beginning. Some say its roller coast ride to the infinite. Some say its a medium to unite with the divine. And yet again for some its the summation of the days you enjoy and make your day. But again there are some out there in the world – who feel their day/life has ultimately achieved its objective when they succeed in bringing a smile to those around them or to those lips who otherwise would have had to make a lot of struggle to do so. The Sane today commemorates this post to some such heroes as a tribute to the undying and unrelenting spirit in greater humanity to come over personal interest and insecurities to think of self, or self’s family or near-time objective but to give up all that for the greater good of humanity. Because its only love, compassion and faith in the greater good of the other that can┬áliberate oneself from miseries of being self-centred and in making this world a better place to live in for our upcoming generation.

Some weeks back, I chased my too-personal desires and wishes and wandered out of my comfort zone in Kathmandu to the south-western plains in Nepalgunj. To be frank I was in a kind of personal journey chasing my personal interest, that some will find petty enough. While the real significance of the journey for me is something for me to evaluate, I would like to mention that I was literally shaken off my comfortable dreams and comfortable life by some amazing human beings. And this post is a story of these amazing human beings.

(PS- to the my readers: I know I have been a love story writer – but I have realized its always not the same – with two possible endings– good or bad: Along with multitude of such stories out there around the web, I think I have already put in such conflicting emotions in my earlier posts on this blog. The characters might be different – but the plot is basically the same. So, I felt that it is better to give the pursuit up to love and instead embrace the pursuit to happiness – not only personal but dedicate my love of writing to share the best interest of the greater humanity.)

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