The Sane

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The Sane is a by product of sane, insane and nonsense feelings. He does not think. Born somewhere in 2013, his lust to explore himself dies and roars every now and then. He struggles with self to feel and to find words to express them. Finding words to express feeling is a never-satisfying task. This remains his quest—to find the perfect words to express himself.

No-one is free. There are many important tasks even in the life of a no-one. But still some find a way out of those worldly things for their true desire. He is a product of this realization. Realization never comes easy and cheap. He has done his bit of falling. But he is glad that it all led to understand why beauty supersedes materiality. Here he praises beauty.

There are things we do, people we meet, places we go for being humans—social being. There are things we do, people we meet and places we go for our own self—a soul in the wilderness. Our self is broken—in fact tattered. Yet we keep mending it so that we can fake-out a sense of ‘complete-being’—someone without any lacking. Here he fulfills the lack in his self.

Writing is a medium to remain immersed within the self. Self, he has lately realized, is the most complicate to understand. It’s something that is structured illogically and yet is the most splendid material to read into. Here he reads those experiences loud.

The Sane Loudreadings's Blogger What lies behind us and
What lies before us,
Are tiny matters compared to
What lies within us.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

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